Documenting Growth and Planning Instruction

Assessment is the process of gathering information about children and then using that information to document growth and plan experiences and instruction. Frog Street AIM Observational Assessment is embedded within Frog Street Pre-K to help guide children towards kindergarten readiness. The 60 Learning Progressions are organized into four learning domains.

Assessment Integration

Each week of instruction in the Teacher Guides begins with an outline of assessment opportunities and learning progressions addressed that week. Approximately 10 learning progressions are highlighted each week to offer a manageable pace that addresses all 60 progressions by the end of the year within a recursive and cumulative schedule. Assessment is also paced to provide for four nine-week summative reporting periods.

Building Portfolios

AIM Observational Assessment incorporates a portfolio approach for assessing and documenting children's developmental growth and change over time. Creating and maintaining individual portfolios for children is a critical and fundamental step in establishing a system for keeping up with ongoing assessment. Portfolios can be digital using the AIM online platform or be a simple filing system using pocket folders.

Forms of Documentation

Forms of Documentation

Assessment opportunities throughout the week are represented by an icon that suggests a form of documentation. Forms of documentation include:

  • work sample
  • observation
  • anecdotal record or checklist
  • documented conversation
  • photograph
  • audio/video recording


The Frog Street AIM Observational assessment provides easily generated reports that give teachers and administrators precise, reliable data on each child’s progress, class averages, organizational summaries, and compliance reports.

Summary Reports aggregate children’s growth and development by assessment period and learning domain. The reports provide table and graphic displays to demonstrate performance and growth throughout the year.

Student Growth Reports display a child’s performance level scored on each learning progression. Results are displayed in a line graph to show a child’s growth and progress throughout the year.

Parent Reports give teachers and administrators the opportunity to share a child’s strengths, growth opportunities, and progression levels with parents. Teachers can customize information and document parent comments.