Frog Street Pre-K at Home

Frog Street Pre-K at Home is an interactive, hands-on program designed to deliver instruction to teachers, families and children using a distance-learning format. The content is adapted from the Frog Street Pre-K in-class curriculum to make it accessible and user-friendly for families to do at home.

Hands-On Family Activities

Each week, families will have a learning plan that offers engaging activities they can do with their child at home. Activities support all learning domains including social emotional, math, and literacy. All activities use resources offered digitally on the Frog Street Portal or easy-to-find household items.

Social Emotional

Helping Hands

Review with your child last week’s commitment: kind words. This week’s commitment is using “helping hands.” Ask your child: How might you use your helping hands if milk spills on the counter? Explain that together you will work to find ways to use helping hands all week. Snap photos anytime you see an example and put a penny in the Kindness Bowl you prepared in Week 1.

The Rhyme Family

Use chopsticks, wooden spoons, or cardboard tubes as rhythm sticks. Show your child how to tap the sticks together in time with a beat. Chant: tap, tap, rhyme time. Tap the sticks on each word. Listen to the song “The Rhyme Family.” Enjoy tapping and listening for the rhyming words in each family.

Stretching to the Windows

Stand near a window in your house. Talk about the shape of this window. Point to and name parts of the window (sill, pane, lock, frame). Get moving with a stretching exercise. Stretch slowly at first and then speed it up. Begin in a sitting position and then challenge yourselves to stand. Stretch with different parts of your body (both arms, one leg, your head and neck, your little toe).

Gram is Coming to My House

Show the book and read the title and the name of the author. Ask your child what this book might be about. Read the book to confirm your child’s prediction. Go back through the book, this time looking for community helpers that help Gram travel from her house to the child’s house (shuttle driver, pilot, ticket agent, bus driver, train conductor, taxi driver, metro driver). Ask: Do you think Gram is grateful to all of these helpers? Why?

Experiment with Capacity

Invite your child to help you find a variety of clear, plastic containers of different sizes and dimensions. Organize the containers beside a small tub or sink. Choose one of the containers to compare to each of the others. Fill that container with water. Pour the water into another container. Ask: Which container holds more water? How do you know?

Read-Aloud Videos

Each week of instruction includes a recorded video of a Read-Aloud lesson featuring one of the books from the Frog Street Pre-K Literature Library. Children will be actively engaged while listening to the story and asked to participate by applying story concepts to their own lives.

Click to watch the Read-Aloud lesson “Chloe Gets Ready for School.”

Music and Movement Videos and Songs

Frog Street Pre-K at Home includes many opportunities for “active” screen time (rather than passively watching) by inviting children to participate in music and movement activities that stimulate brain function and increase attention.

Click for a fun movement activity from “Popcorn Song” by Ronno.

“How-to” Videos for Teachers and Families

Frog Street is committed to offering continual professional development for those implementing Frog Street resources in the classroom and at home. The Frog Street Pre-K at Home program includes a library of short videos that offer insights and specific strategies for increasing children’s growth and development.