Classroom Engagement

ABCmouse® for Schools

Award-winning digital activities from ABCmouse enhance and support literacy and math instruction. These engaging resources are perfect for whole-group or small-group instruction as well as for children's independent choice at a technology center.

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Frog-E is a programmable floor robot that gives young children the opportunity to learn how to code in its simplest terms. Children think through a programming sequence, enter the program by pushing buttons on Frog-E's back, and then push "go" to set him off on his journey! In addition to coding, children will practice and reinforce the skills of left/right, sequencing, cause and effect, and problem solving.

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Video e-Books

Video e-books offer children virtual "field trip" experiences during Read-Aloud lessons as they explore wildlife in Africa, visit rainforests in South America, tour the Grand Canyon in Arizona, take a deep dive beneath the sea, and so much more.

Listening Library

Audio recordings of books from the Literature Library give children the opportunity to listen and turn pages while enjoying books independently at the Listening Center.

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Teacher Support

Online Portal

The Frog Street Pre-K Portal offers many online resources to support instruction. Resources are organized by theme. Each theme includes tabs to easily locate:

  • Teacher Guides
  • Lesson Planners
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Printable Patterns
  • Family Connection Letters
  • Digital Books
  • Listening Library
  • Music
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Family Connections

Weekly Letter

Frog Street Pre-K includes 36 Family Connection letters (one per week). Each letter shares with families the week's theme and the "Word of the Week" as well as four hands-on activities that support classroom learning.

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Weekly Digital Book

Frog Street Pre-K includes digital versions of 36 engaging stories (one per week) teachers can send home to families to read to their child. Each of the selections is one of the stories used during Read-Aloud lessons for that week. This gives children an opportunity to tell their families about a book they enjoyed hearing at school and for families to enjoy reading the story with their child.

“Next to hugging and talking to children, reading aloud is the greatest gift we can give them. Beyond the positive role modeling and physical bonding taking place, we are stimulating imagination, enriching vocabulary, building listening skills, and whetting the appetite for a love of reading.”
- Jim Trelease
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